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2014 Buying Used - under fifteen large.
Buying Used - under $15,000
2014 Canada Driveaway
Taking a cross-country road trip....with someone else's car.
2014 EBay
It's not always smooth sailing on eBay.
2014 Vans
On the fun scale, moving is right up there with looking for a job, root canal, and shoveling snow off the driveway.
2014 Toyota i-Road
Toyota's i-Road. Coming to a road near you.....maybe.
2014 Motorycle Highlights
Motorcycles are, for the most part, discretionary transportation. You buy a bike not because you need it, but it because you want it.
2014 Hatchbacks
Hatchbacks: Canadians love 'em....Americans, not so much.
2014 Toyota FCV Hydrogen Car
By now, dreams of a hydrogen highway are a distant memory.
2014 Toyota Hybrids
You know we live in different times when a car manufacturer cites a satirical TV cartoon show in its marketing strategy.
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